Traditional feast of the Parish church

The Patronal feast of Elatou’s Parish Church 'Transfiguration of Our Lord' takes place in August 6 every summer from the time it was built. This is a two-day feast. It consists of an evening service – the day before the celebration – followed by traditional music, dance, eating and drinking until the first morning hours. It continues the next day (August 6th) with the morning service and in the evening again with traditional music, dance etc. when the feast reaches its peak.

The feast of the Chapel of Prophet Elias

Saint Elias is celebrated on July 20th, when the villagers follow the morning service in his Chapel, which is located at the northeast of one of the successive peaks of Omalia Mountain. This feast is organised by Elatou’s association with the purpose of bringing together Elatou’s people and their friends. For this purpose in case the celebration of Saint Elias doesn’t occur on a Sunday, the feast is transferred on the first Sunday after July 20th. In this case the service is repeated and it is followed by a picnic with traditional music, dance, drinking and eating. Wear sun cream and a hat and don’t forget to bring a blanket to sit on the grass.

Feasts on the surrounding villages

Some feast dates to have in mind:
26/07 : Ano Hora - Kedriki -Limnista
15/08 : Terpsithea - Krioneria - Ambelakiotisa
29/08 : Elatovrisi
08/09 : Asprias

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