Walk around the village during morning or afternoon. Take a walk up the main roads but don’t ignore the narrow stone paved paths so you can have a better view of the village.

Take the road located beneath the hotel, which will lead you to the «lower neighbourhood» of the village, the Country Chapel of Saint John and the spring of ‘Kato Alonia’. Walking in the paths among the traditional houses and underneath the trees that form an archway you will reach the centre of Elatou. In the two traditional coffee houses that you come across, quench your thirst with an orange juice or taste the traditional «water vanilla» (hypovryhio) and various sweets as «loukoumi», «kerasaki», «karydaki» etc. In the winter don’t forget to drink the traditional «tsipouro» and the warm brandy with the aromatic spice in order to warm yourself up.

Follow the central road after the coffee houses and on your left you will locate a path that will lead you to the «upper neighborhood» of the village. Admire the marvelous amphitheatrical view and continue your exploration to find the Country Chapels of the Life-Spring and Saint Paraskevi as well as the spring «Karopoula».

Return by road this time, which will lead you to the playground. From there continue to the central road towards the hotel where you can taste traditional food and sweets.

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