All you need is a fine mood …. and a bottle of water.

First route: Take the main road of the village in the direction of Paleologou spring. Fill your bottle with water from the spring; continue on the earthen road, which crosses the forest as far as you can handle. But at least reach to the point where you have the village opposite to you. This will give you a full view of the village.For those who want to continue, at the crossroads either take the right road, which leads to the Chapel Church of Agios Georgios, or the left road, which leads deeper in the forest.

An advice: Don’t do it at high noon in the summer time.

Second route: Another route is towards the cistern of the village, which was created around 1930 and it is used today for the irrigation of the village. To reach the cistern take the road behind the playground that leads to the upper neighbourhood of Elatou. After the last house that you will come across, you will see a crossroad. Turn left, and you will head towards the football ground and by turning right you will find the cistern.

Third route: Take the provincial road towards Ano-Hora. Five or six turns after the end of Elatou village you will spot on your left an earthen road. Walk up this road and among the fir trees you will find the Chapel Church of Agia Sophia. Return by the same road, but when you reach the crossroads take the right road and you will find yourself outside the hotel in just a few minutes.

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