Eletsou or Eletzou
Slavic name that stands for 'sunny'. This was the name of Elatou, when the village was located at 'Palaioxoria'.

This is the name of the west peak of the mountain 'Kerasovouni' due to its treeless, smooth ground.

Neraidalono (fairies ground)
The mountain peak of Omalia, where by tradition fairies used to dance (altitude 1.708 m.)

Gerakari tower
In 1696 the east side of Kerasovouni, 'Korakas', was renamed 'Gerakari tower' (altitude 1.550 m.) after Liberio Gerakaris, who had his headquarters there as he was a fellow collaborator of Venetians, who ruled the area at the time.

Haratsi (tax)
Between 'Gerakari tower' and 'Omalia' a mountain pass is formed. During the period of Turkish rule this location was named 'Haratsi' (tax) as a tax station operated there for trade goods.

Slavic name that stands for 'chestnut dense forest'. The Slavs, who settled in the village between 1059 and 1069 planted chestnut trees in various parts of the village and especially at its lower east side which was named 'Pleika'.

Ampelia (vineyards)
The Slavs ruled the eastside of the village and owned vineyards there. For this reason the place is still called 'Ampelia'.

Skotomeno (killed)
A small canyon, where 500 Turks were buried after a battle that took place in October 1828.

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