"The School as it looks
today "

The village school is situated at the centre of Elatou between the two coffee houses. Initially one of the village’s houses was used as a school building and then afterwards a barn. The old school building was constructed by the villagers around 1864. As the years went by, the building was ruined and during the 1950’s it was demolished. Today’s school building was constructed by donation at the same place.

During the 1930s and 1940s the school was attended by about 100 students. The church bell tolled during the msorning and the afternoon, summoning the children to the school.

In the old days - during heavy winter – parents lead the way, shovelling the snow and opening a path for children to get to school. For heating purposes all the pupils brought small logs for the school stove. At the end of the school day the students made «karkatseles» (today known as pop corn) by putting corn on the stove, which was brought by the younger students on the mathematics course.

By the end of 1960 the school ceased to operate due to a lack of students (as many villagers emigrated). Later the school building was used as municipality office, while today is used as the village’s library and museum.

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