Elatou is situated at the foot of the mountain Kerasovouni or else known as Omalia. Kerasovouni forms the first of the southern successive peaks of the mountain chain of Vardousia mountains and in ancient times it was know by the name «Korakas».

The village is surrounded by the dark green forest-scapes of fir trees. There are also plenty of chestnut trees, plane trees, oak trees, evergreen oak trees, cedar trees and fruit trees of various types. In the summer, the gardens give a marvellous sensation with the magnificent hydrangeas (ortansia), roses and dalias in all colours. In autumn their place is taken by chrysanthemums. The exceptional position and the marvellous aspect give the village an extensive and majestic view.

A unique feel is given by the «Lakkes», which are terraced fields of differing levels supported by stonewalls. These were created with craft by generations of villagers and kept preserved so as to hold the soil. The «Lakkes» are still cultivated by the villagers to grow crops, peas and vegetables.

The wider area of the village is inhabited seasonally by rabbits, foxes, wild-pigs, roe deer, squirrels, hedgehogs, weasels, woodpeckers, blackbirds, hawks, owls, cuckoos, jays and finches.

The woody valleys and the shadowy cool forests are the apotheosis of Greece. The mountain peak of «Omalia» (known also as «Neraidalono») rises to an altitude of 1,708m. Here you can experience breathtaking views: the wild grandeur of the two mountains Giona and Vardousia, the magic of the Gulf of Corinth and the Gulf of Patra, the tranquil Ionian Islands and the gentle beauty of the rugged Peloponnese.

The «Kerasovouni» mountain, with its smooth ground (where the name «Omalia» came from) and its springs with the sparkling cool water, is suitable for picnicking during summer time. During winter, its beauty is enhanced by snow.

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