Elatou’s Association

Elatou’s association was founded in 1955, aiming to establish close relationships among all people who derive their origin from Elatou. It also aims to promote culture and growth, and generally to provide every possible help, in order to preserve the traditional inheritance of the village and assist its development.

The association’s income is based on donations and subscriptions from its members and friends. There is also extra funding from organizations and the state.

The association’s activities are visible in the village with actions, like the monument of those fallen in the battles, children’s playground, the construction of the various bridges etc. but especially the creation of the village’s Hotel ‘Elatou’, which was a pioneering achievement for Greek reality in the ’70s.

Also under the association’s care the three month subscribers’ newspaper ‘The voice of Elatou’ is being published for several years. This newspaper contains news about the village and the surrounding area, social news, articles of general interest as well as documents that refer to stories and customs of past years.

Work of this association is also the present web site.

Office : Biskini 58, 157 71 Zografou

President : Kostas V. Panagiotopoulos