The old location of the village was at «Palaioxoria», where all the houses were built on ground level, had earthen floors, no window shutters and the wooden roof was covered with flat stones. In the yard there used to be a hen-coop, a stable for the animals and a small kitchen garden.

After 1829 the village changed its location to the present day location. From then on, most of the houses were two-floored, stone-made, with wooden roofs covered with flat stones. In the yard there was usually a hen-coop, a stable for the animals and a small kitchen garden, as well as a barn where they stored the animals’ fodder. In 1940 Elatou had 100 houses built in this traditional way.

After 1950 the flat stone roofs were progressively replaced by tile roofs and today most of the houses have tile roofs.


The church

The central Parish Church of our village, «Transfiguration of Our Lord», is a three-nave basilica and it was built by the shortage of the villagers in 1864.Originally it was stone made with a wooden roof covered with flat stones, the way the village buildings used to be constructed. In 1891 Othonas Giavopoulos – a famous painter of holy images – painted of the sacred icons of the temple.

In 1928 the roof of the church was rebuilt and tiles replaced the flat stones. The church is being renovated since then by donations from the villagers. The church square was paved with stones thanks to donations by the association of emigrants from the USA.


The school

The village school is situated at the centre of Elatou between the two coffee houses. Initially one of the village’s houses was used as a school building and then afterwards a barn. The old school building was constructed by the villagers around 1864. As the years went by, the building was ruined and during the 1950’s it was demolished. Today’s school building was constructed by donation at the same place.

During the 1930s and 1940s the school was attended by about 100 students. The church bell tolled during the morning and the afternoon, summoning the children to the school. By the end of 1968 the school ceased to operate due to a lack of students (as many villagers emigrated). Later the school building was used as municipality office, while today is used as the village’s library and museum.


The hotel

The hotel was constructed in 1980 in the panoramic site of «Rahi Ambelia», with the initiative and the responsibility of Elatou’s association. Initially the hotel began to operate in 1981 as a municipal enterprise with 19 rooms and a restaurant hall. Later it was sold to a private owner, who renovated the hotel. In June 2004 the hotel re-opened having now 16 rooms and a cafeteria-bar, where you can taste local food and sweets – all home made – and feel the traditional hospitality that only a small unit can offer.


The cafe


Below the main church is the only cafe in the village. It is a community building and was built in 1971 with a donation from the American Spruce Association in order to function as a cultural center.


The chapels


As in all Greek villages, so in Elatou there are many chapels scattered in and around the village. Built by the inhabitants of the village, near their estates or in reference points (Prophet Elias) they are here to remind us of the grandparents who built them.